Sunday, August 28, 2011

Why Do Hair Styles Have Names?


The Bob, the Gibson, Classic Page Boy, Shag, EMO, Pixie, Punk, Duck Tail, Crew Cut, Buz Cut or celebrity names, Jackie O, Rachel, Farah and any number of names have been used to describe a hair style. Sassoon called his hair styling GEOMETRIC hair designs and went on to give each a commercial name (Greek Goddess, Isadora, etc) but most people simply called it a Sassoon haircut.


I'm often asked what I call my hair styles. After pondering the question and understanding that it’s a communications issue I came up with the name, (BIO MORPHIC / LIFE FORM) hair styles. Bio Morphic hair styles come in every length, shape, color and texture (straight, curly, wavy and combinations). All have one thing in common they don’t have a name. Each is a one of a kind (unique hair style), designed to hold their shape as they grow (BIO / LIFE), and a shape that’s balanced from all points of view (MORPHIC / FORM) and designed for “Self Styling”.


If you feel a hair style must be christened give it a commercial name. However nothing dates a hair style like a name. Without a name a style is never dated. For me hair styling should be a Personal Experience not Commercial….Your thoughts

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