Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Famous Burnettes

There has always been an equally strong sex appeal between the hot blond, sexy red heads and the sultry brunettes. And since most blondes and red heads are created with a magical bottle of peroxide at the very least the sexy brunette's appeal is the real deal. Next to black brown hair may be the most common color but don’t be fooled into thinking that brunettes are boring.

The list of famous Hollywood brunette’s could fill a page. From the iconic Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Russell and Sophia Loren to current stars, Demi Moore, Cindy Crawford, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Sandra Bullock, Megan Fox, Jennifer Garner, Mandy Moore, Penelope Cruz, Eva Longoria and Angelina Jolie to list a few. All are perfect examples of the universal sex appeal of brunette hair.

With advancements in 21st century hair color chemistry the choices are many. From rich chocolates, caramel and chestnuts hues, to sable, walnut, mahogany and golden browns, brunette hair color has never looked so good. Brunette hair offers a mysterious look with lots of rich texture and compliments most skin tones and facial features depending on the lightness or darkness of the shades. For those with “fair skin tones” opt for honey and copper to warm up a light complexion. Medium skin tones will look best in chestnut shades. Those with darker skin tones should opt for a more "pure" brunette like rich sable or chocolate brown for a knockout sultry effect. If you're having trouble spotting a brunette hair color you think will work for you, try flipping through some hairstyling or celebrity magazines. Many celebrities have switched to brunette for its deep, rich look. Cut out pictures of the brunette colors you like and take them to a hair stylist. A salon colorist can point you in the right direction with results that last and look amazing.
Brunette hair looks better when there is not one color but multi-tones with highlights, lowlights, or tint-backs to bring kind of a mixture together with the hairstyle. There are a wide variety of brunette hair color combinations that go very well with many hairstyles. To add some glamour to a brunette hue, try adding bronze highlights around the face to complement your skin tones and add dimension to your color. Highlights in golden blonde or a light copper red add instant pizzazz to brunette’s skin tones. Brunette hair color can fade and look drab. To keep your color looking rich, invest in a color replenishing shampoo for brunettes to boost your brown every time you use it. If you’re shopping around for a color fresher shampoo you’ll no doubt be confronted with a wide choice of brands and prices. For best results ask a professional after all who knows hair better then a hair colorist.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Halle Berry / Star Hair Style

Drawing inspiration from the hair style trends of our favorite stars and celebrities has become a national pass time. One star hair style that’s eliminated by women around the globe is Hollywood super star Halle Berry. Like a chameleon, Halle changes her style and color often but it’s her chic sexy signature pixie style cut that has inspired women of all ages to trade in their long locks for this easy breezy liberating hairstyle.

Are you up for a liberating youthful short sassy hair do? 
If that's the case, Halle’s two toned hair color and short spunky coif is a perfect place to start. This head turning do’ with all the right accessories is a show stopper and youthful looking to boot. If you’re ready to take the plunge, let’s take it one step at a time; starting with a style cut and shaping. 

To get the look, start with contoured head hugging silhouette, feminine soft tapered neckline and "pixie" bangs for a flirty look. This fashion forward coif can be adjusted to suit most face shapes especial those with high cheek bones and slender features like
Halle. If you’re having second thoughts about cutting your hair, not to worry with a few adjustments (trims) as it grows into the shape you can easily find the ideal length and shape for your personal style.

Talk about easy, this sassy do almost styles itself. To give your locks an extra boost start with a dab of styling balm, mousse or nothing at all. Just run either through damp hair and comb in place to dry au natural or give it a quick blow-dry for straight or textured effect. If your locks look a bit dry or frizz after, a dab of styling cream or spray pomade will tame it. For a dressy effect a few twists with a curling iron or quick press with a flat iron and you’ve got the look. 

If you have curly, wavy frizzy hair like Halle Berry then chances are you sometimes would like to trade it in for straight. To make hair styling quick and easy give your hair a Brazilian Blowout Treatment, “the dream relaxing treatment” for a smooth soft straight style whenever you wish and manageable, frizz-free healthy looking to boot. It literally gives everyone with unruly hair a straight smooth look that last for several months. The only drawback is that it can be addictive!  Tame your locks with the Brazilian Blowout Treatment and your good to go. 

If you miss your long flowing locks “hair extensions” are the perfect way to add extra length to a short style. Hair extensions are available in all length, thickness, texture and colors. Extensions are hidden easily under the top layer and may be temporarily attached with a clip or permanently glued to individual strands close to the scalp. For a natural look, extensions must match your hair color and texture. Add extra length with hair extensions when the mood or occasion calls for it.

What’s a short cropped hair style without makeup and accessories? As the face of Revlon, Halle’s meticulously groomed but never overdone understated style calls for light lips, intensely smoky eyes and sculpted cheekbones. For a spot-on look, top it off with a retro newsboy cap, chic white halter top with wrap around scarf, black distressed skinny jeans, studded high-top boots, gold loop earrings, two toned Rayban aviator sunglasses and don’t forget Halle’s signature fragrance. 

For a contrasting sun kissed look
Halle’s natural dark brown hair color is lighten several shades. Next, individual strands (thick and thin) are given a Golden Carmel hue with a foil weaving process. After a clear glaze seals-in the color and turns up the shine. The new growth is lightened and highlighted every six weeks. This creative hair coloring effect may cost a few extra bucks but it’s a small price to pay for a stunning color and all the attention you'll get.

Halle Berry’s liberating pixie style cut has everything you need for a time challenged life and puts you into the spot light were you belong. A Brazilian Blowout treatment gives you the best of both worlds; a smooth soft straight style whenever you wish and manageable, frizz-free healthy looking hair to boot. The tousled contoured silhouette fits like a glove and looks amazing from all points of view. Pixie bangs and soft tapered neckline with understated makeup add a stylish look that’s irresistible to men attracted to the classy, but never overdone type. Your sun kissed two toned color defines the over all shape and pushes the style bar to the max. So be prepared for heads to turn and men to stop dead in their tracks when you pass by looking "ooh-so stylish" and your girl friends to scream OMG ..you rock girl.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Famous Blonds

Blonds throughout history have often been portrayed as beautiful and sexy. While peroxide was first promoted to bleach hair in the 19th century, it was the 1920s and 1950s that the first ‘blonde bombshells’ were created by Hollywood with Jean Harlow, May West and Veronica Lake. But when a young starlet, Norma Jean (Marilyn Monroe) bleach her hair the "patron saint of peroxide" was born. Dozens of dazzling Hollywood blonds from Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Madonna, Paris Hilton, Katherine Heigl and the latest entry Lady Gaga continue to light up the silver screen with their ravishing blond locks.

The start of a new year marks the opportunity for redefining your style and what better way then with a new hair color. For years the hair fashion industry has been obsessed with blondes and is associated with glamour. Blond isn't just a hair color it's an attitude. If it were a formula I’d mix two parts blond hair, one part personality, plus two parts sexual confidence. Blond hair comes in many shades from cool to warm and is most flattering to creamy complexions although it also works well with complexions of medium warm tones. Natural blond hair is relatively rare. It can range from pale to dark golden shades and occurs in approximately 2% of the world population. Almost everyone can be a blonde. What's most important is finding the right shade to complement your skin tone. 


If you have pink skin like Reese Witherspoon you can wear a light golden blond hue. Women with pale porcelain skin and green or blue eyes like Nicole Kidman make perfect strawberry blondes. Medium skin tones have the most choices. If you want a pale blonde hue and have dark brown hair a two step process (bleaching and toning) will be required. Those with medium and light brown hair can add blond highlights or lowlights with a foil weaving technique to give it a natural sun kissed or dramatic look. This dimensional effect is a great way to start and easy to keep up. If you chose to become a blond and have dark eye brows you may want to lighten them as well. 

Because blond hair dye contains the small hair color molecules keeping blond in your hair becomes a challenge. Small molecules enter the hair shaft easily but also wash out of the hair easily each time you shampoo. To preserve the color using a pigmented shampoo and conditioner between touch ups will help prevent premature fading. Because there are dozens of blond hues from platinum and gold to strawberry it can be difficult to know which shade is right for you. To determine what shade would suit you best and which to avoid a visit to a professional hair colorist is well worth the time and expense. Before you make an appointment, clip a few pictures from magazines with colors you’re interested in trying and show them to the colorist….a picture is worth a thousand words!