Sunday, August 28, 2011

Why Do Hair Styles Have Names?


The Bob, the Gibson, Classic Page Boy, Shag, EMO, Pixie, Punk, Duck Tail, Crew Cut, Buz Cut or celebrity names, Jackie O, Rachel, Farah and any number of names have been used to describe a hair style. Sassoon called his hair styling GEOMETRIC hair designs and went on to give each a commercial name (Greek Goddess, Isadora, etc) but most people simply called it a Sassoon haircut.


I'm often asked what I call my hair styles. After pondering the question and understanding that it’s a communications issue I came up with the name, (BIO MORPHIC / LIFE FORM) hair styles. Bio Morphic hair styles come in every length, shape, color and texture (straight, curly, wavy and combinations). All have one thing in common they don’t have a name. Each is a one of a kind (unique hair style), designed to hold their shape as they grow (BIO / LIFE), and a shape that’s balanced from all points of view (MORPHIC / FORM) and designed for “Self Styling”.


If you feel a hair style must be christened give it a commercial name. However nothing dates a hair style like a name. Without a name a style is never dated. For me hair styling should be a Personal Experience not Commercial….Your thoughts

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Diane Sawyer / Star Hair Style


Diane Sawyers big break came about when she changed her natural ash brown hair color to a glamorous honey blonde and the rest his history. Diane recently opted for a classic mid length shapely bob to complement here busy life style.

If you’re searching for a glam hair color and trendy style Diane Sawyer’s face framing style and glam honey blond hair color is an excellent starting point for those looking for a simple classic hair style to complement an active. To get the look, let’s take it one step at a time; staring with a style cut and shaping. 

LET’S SHAPE IT:  Diane’s style starts with a just off the shoulders layered and contoured silhouette for volume and side swept brow brushing bangs. This classic “time saving style”’ is ideal for straight and wavy hair and suits most face shapes. With a few adjustments (trims as it grows) you can easily find the ideal length and shape for your hair, face shape and personal style.

LET’S STYLE IT:   For style support we start with a dab of styling foam, gel mousse or spray gel. To put your style in motion and add volume, toss your hair upside down and give it a quick tousle with a blow dryer. If your locks look a bit dry or frizzy a dab of styling cream will tame it. For a dressy look, a quick twist around your styling iron gets the look. After, tuck one side over your ear and add red glossy lip stick, eye liner and shadow, diamond stud earrings and you’ve got the look.

NOW, LET’S COLOR IT:  To get the look, Diane’s natural ash brown hair color is lightened with a high lift Honey blonde color for a golden sun kissed look. To keep this up the new growth is touched up every 4-6 week. 

Diane’s colorful style is the stuff that dreams are made of and is loaded with sex appeal. The shapely silhouette with side swept "brow brushing" bangs gives it shapely casual look. For your time challenged life this classic shape’ almost styles itself. Just give it a quick tousle with a blow dryer and styling brush and your good to go. The sun kissed hair color puts those few gray hair’s stylishly under cover and is sure to get rave reviews. Heads will turn and girl friends will be green with envy when you show up with Diane Sawyers style and hair color.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Booked Solid by Paul J DiGrigoli

Booked Solid by Paul J DiGrigoli
Ultimate Guide to Getting and Keeping Clients

Paul J DiGrigoli’s motivational book, Booked Solid contains all he's learned over the past 30 years to become a booked solid hairdresser, successful salon and beauty school owner and world renowned motivational speaker. In Booked Solid, you'll learn: the business of being a hairdresser, how to market yourself, 4 ways to increase your sales and services, who will help you succeed and how to find them, how to use your natural talents to boost your business, how to fire up your creativity, the vital link between self-care and success, the 4 reasons clients leave and the 4 reason they stay and why loving what you do takes the WORK out of life!

Paul’s success however, was neither automatic nor guaranteed. Growing up in a small town in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts and born into a family of hairdressers it was Paul’s uncle a barber who encouraged him to become a hairdresser telling him to go to a big city and learn the latest methods and come back as a super star. So Paul set off to become a hairdresser in the “big” city of Boston. However, he only got as far as Springfield, Massachusetts where he enrolled in cosmetology school at the Springfield Technical Community College and lived in a tiny little room in the YMCA where he offered haircuts in the lobby for three dollars. After graduating from Beauty College and working in a few local salons Paul attended a hair cutting course at Vidal Sassoon in Santa Monica, California and had an epiphany which is what how to become a Booked Solid hairdresser is all about.

Over the years Paul has had his share of disappointments and set backs, including losing almost half of his business when seven stylists walked out of his salon. However, as he makes clear in his Seminars and Booked Solid, that adversity made him stronger mentally, physically, emotionally and financially – by refocusing his goals and plans. Paul believes you can literally turn a negative into a positive. He knows, because it worked for him. He acknowledges that it seems he had to hit rock bottom in order to grow like crazy and get to where he is today. Paul is grateful for his success and what he has learned about personal development. He feels that part of his mission in life is to share with others what he has learned.


Booked Solid points out the 4 reasons clients leave unsatisfied and the 4 reason they stay with you for years. And highlights and explores the top 10 things you must do all the time to become a Booked Solid Hairdresser. Some are technical; some are how you act. For example always be on time; in fact be early and enthusiastic. Become an overachiever do everything at 200%. Surround yourself with great people and great coaches. Always act and dress professionally. To become Booked Solid you must also create raving fans. You must generate the “WOW” factor. If the client leaves thinking, “I just got a quick haircut or hair color” then you haven’t accomplished your mission. The goal is to make each clients visit a “hair styling experience” one they look forward too every time they see you.

Booked Solid in paperback is also available on a CD along with How to Become a Super Instructor; inspire and drive your student’s passion and energy for years to come. Master Your Salon’s Future; discover the techniques to take your salon in a new direction, create a new game plan and the steps to make your existing salon better. The Competitive Edge; learn how to evaluate your own salon, both from a competitors’ perspective and financially. Position yourself in the marketplace through powerful and effective branding. Cultivate your team and resolve staffing issues. Momentum it’s the Name of the Game, master the ability to solve problems and make decisions. Discover the steps to fulfillment and success. Learn the levels of professional progression. Build confidence, control your focus, and magnify your attitude! 

Over my 40 plus year career I’ve had the good fortune to personally meet and be inspired by many amazing hairdressers that have changed my life. I can now add Paul J DiGrigoli and it could not have happened at a better time. Whether you’re a new-be or veteran hairdresser and want to learn how to become a BOOK SOLID hairdresser then I highly recommend you order this career altering book­­__ Available in paperback or CD at 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kalology / Study Of Beauty

Kalology is the study of “psychological aspects of beauty”, especially with the components as they relate to appearance. The subject of aesthetics and how it relates to beauty was introduced by Plato and enlarged upon by Aristotle. Aesthetics attempts to explain the human reaction to beauty, and whether this reaction is objective or subjective; for instance, whether beauty is a universal concept, or whether environment affects a person's taste and what is considered beautiful.

Kalology (the study of beauty) is the corner stone of both Cosmetology and Dermatology and the line between both have become blurred with the introduction of Medi-Spa’s. A Medi-Spa is a hybrid between a medical clinic and salon day spa that operates under the supervision of medical doctor. They tend to have a more clinical atmosphere than salon day spas and offer laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, photofacials, injectables like Botox, chemical peels and medical grade skin care treatments and products.

Leading the way in this new approach to skin care is Tracy Brennan a former advertising executive and model. Tracy’s interest in skin care grew largely as a result of skin conditions she attributed to hormonal imbalances and stress. Drawing on here advertising expertise she named her company Kalologie. The Kalologie 360’ Skin Care Spa and Kalologie Medi Clinic's are owned and operated by doctors and staffed with highly trained skin care practitioners to formulate a plan that’s based on each individual’s skin care objectives and deliver real results. 

Whether combating the signs of aging, struggling with the effects of acne, or just searching for a healthier-looking complexion, Kalologie 360 skin care and medi spa’s offers its own pharmaceutical/medical grade skin care products and personalized treatment solutions to address the unique challenges of each individual’s skin. 

With the growing interest in both surgical and non-surgical medical procedures and a youth orientated culture it’s no surprise that within a few short years, Kalologie skin care spa’s and medi-clinic’s have been rated one of the top 10 skin care clinics in America and has set a new standard for professional personal care at it best.  This truly is a trend to watch as both Cosmetology and Dermatology join hands in the study of beauty and American Beauty Culture.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bye Bye Blond, Hello Red

Redheads throughout history have often been portrayed as fiery and seductive; from Queen Elizabeth I to Cleopatra (who some argue was a redhead). Sexy red hair is something Hollywood has loved from its early days. Think of Clara Bow the redheaded “It Girl”, Lucille Ball and Maureen O’Hara with their playful confident personalities and Rita Hayworth’s bombshell sexuality and you've got it. Today dazzling redheads like Lindsay Lohan, Debra Messing, Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman continue to light up the silver screen with their ravishing red hair. Hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear of some actress such as Scarlett Johansson, and Blake Lively or brunet Rihanna switching to a ginger tinge.

For years the hair fashion industry has been obsessed with blonds. Make no mistake, blond hair isn't going out of style any time soon but red hair has been a blazing hot trend in hair color in recent years. The color makes a bold statement and offers the opportunity for redefining a hair style and what better way then as a redhead. The punchy hue is as much of an attention grabber as any bold fashion accessory and one can hardly blend in the crowd when sporting it. 


Red hair comes in many shades. For those that would like to become a redhead adding copper, strawberry, apricot and auburn highlights or lowlights with a foil weaving technique can achieve a natural or dramatic look. This dimensional effect is eye-catching and far from ordinary for those who like creative look. Because there are dozens of ravishing red hues it can be difficult to know which shade is right for you. To determine what shade would suit you best and which to avoid a visit with a professional hair colorist is well worth the time and expense. Before you make an appointment clip a few pictures from magazines with colors you’re interested in trying and show them to the colorist….a picture is worth a thousand words!


A redhead isn't just a hair color it's an attitude. If it were a formula I’d mix two parts red hair, one part personality, plus two parts sexual confidence. It’s said that Blonds have more fun, but Redheads are never forgotten. Bette Midler (singer-actress) may have said it best, "Gentlemen may prefer blonds, but it takes a he-man to handle a redhead."

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

MakeOver Magic / Nick Arrojo

Makeover magician, celebrity stylist, multi-award-winning pioneer of modern hairdressing and self claimed “world's best razor-cutter” is also the author of the Great Hair Beauty Book. Imported from Manchester England and Sassoon trained, Nick Arrojo is known worldwide for his ability to give women hairstyles that bring out their individual beauty.

Not so long ago millions of What Not to Wear viewers would tune in to see him transform women’s outdated styles or unflattering hair styles into fresh contemporary looks.  Most importantly Nick helped women realize their hair’s true beauty potential. In doing so he not only changes their hair styles but also changes the way they feel about themselves.

His beauty book, Great Hair was written with the general public in mind, but makes an interesting read for the professional hairdresser as well.


Great Hair reveals his styling secrets giving the reader a complete education about hair including: Identifying your hair type and how that impacts the cut, color and style. Understanding hair products, styling tools and how to use them to style your hair. How to choose the right hair color that enhances the style and dispels the myths and outdated ideas about hair. His six step guide to finding a hairdresser and how to talk about your hair and what to expect from a salon visit I found very interesting.


Chapter Three, “The Ultimate Hairstyling Guide” features dozens of before and after makeover's with examples of how a beautiful face-framing shape can enhance your unique facial features. Nick points out that to make your hair easy to style everyday it must be cut and shaped preferably with a RAZOR and match the hair’s natural texture and characteristic (straight, curly, wavy, thick or thin) for a hairstyle that works with not against itself. Knowing and using the strengths of your hair type allows you to have a modern, sexy, youthful and healthy no-fuss hair style everyday or dress it up for special occasions with ease. And best of all, no more spending cash trying the latest trendy hairdo’s that your natural hair can’t handle.


The Great Hair Book is all about getting to know your own unique hair type and the important role it plays in finding the right hairstyle which I totally agree. It was refreshing to finally hear a hairstylist talk about styling hair from a purely natural point of view point. His web site ( features a creative ONLINE Magazine filled with fashion images and worth taking a closer look.

Despite his checker board beauty show and television show schedule, you can still see the maestro himself at his New York studio. A makeover appointment on the selected days starts at $500. The Great Hair beauty book is available at

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quick Response Beauty / Q R

So you already have great, fresh content on your websitewhat’s next? Have you heard of QR codes yet? Here is a quick introduction. Similar to an old-fashioned bar code, a QR (which stands for "quick response") code is a black and white graphic box holding valuable information (that can be scaned and read) quickly by a smart cell phone. They come to us from Japan where they are very common and look like this.

You'll soon be seeing QR Codes in a beauty magazine advert, on a billboard, a web page or even on someone’s t-shirt. Once it is in your cell phone, it may give you details about that business (allowing users to search for nearby locations on the internet), show you a URL which you can click to see a trailer for a movie, or it may give you a coupon which you can use in a local outlet or details about the person wearing its on the t-shirt.

The reason why they are becoming widely used is that modern cell phones can scan (take a picture) of them. The cell phone needs a QR code reader and only take’s a minute for a iPhone or Android phone to install the reader. You can easily generate your own (quick response) QR code using a site like ( or the new Google QR generator and its free.

Your salon, no matter how small or large, can use QR codes in a number of ways. Here are a few examples of how others are using them. You could add one to your business card containing your contact details so its easy for someone to add you to their contacts on their cell phone. Add them to any print advertising, flyers, posters, invites, TV ads, product details, contact details, salon offer details, event details, a coupon, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace IDs or a link to your YouTube video.

Today, few may be using them, but those that do use Quick Response codes will definitely love how easy it is to find your business on the web,Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube etc. Using QR codes for your salon marketing is a very smart move. They’re topical, they’re unusual, they’re clever … and they’re definitely cool and edgy. We are only just scratching the surface of how this new technology will be used. That’s iNSTANT marketing – Quick Response Beauty___ you have to love it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

American HairColorists Summit Review


Hundreds of creative Haircolorist's from across the country met in Los Angeles at the Merritt Airport Hotel over the weekend to attend the Eleventh Annual Energizing ABCH Summit. The event is a high-level haircolor seminar where individual hair stylist's learn how to use the latest hair coloring techniques and products. The Summit is sponsored by the American Board of Certified Haircolorist's, an organization of hair colorists whose mission is to raise the degree of expertise of hair colorists around the country.

My wife who is also a hair stylist and amazing hair colorist to boot and I attended the ABCH summit and were trilled with the number and variety of classes available. I saw techniques used and learned color concepts I had never seen before, and I've been coloring hair for what now seems like The number of hair colorists teaching the "hands-on classes" made it really easy to understand. I also enjoyed the hair color forum, where a panel of color artist's were willing to share their experience and answer questions the audience posed to them. The information and their insights were well worth the time and expense.


What I was most impressed with was the level of professionalism and appearance of the hair stylists that attended the summit. Not at all like the trailer trash look you see at beauty shows these days. Also it was held at the Merritt LAX hotel which gave the entire experience a warm and friendly feeling unlike the ice cold impersonal atmosphere of convention centers beauty shows.

The American Board of Certified Haircolorists is not sponsored by hair color manufactures, so all the information was generic and could be used with your favorite brands. At the end of the day I was excited to get back to the salon and try the technique I've learned. There were so many interesting classes I would have enjoyed taking, but didn't have the time. However I've made plans to attend their next summit

For a list of the  2011 American Board of Certified Haircolorists Summits visit ( TEL: 1 310 547 0814

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cameron Diaz / Star Hair Style


Drawing inspiration from the hair style trends of our favorite stars and celebrities has become a national pass time. One such star hairstyle is cinema beauty Cameron Diaz. Like many stars her big break came about when Cameron changed her natural dark brown hair color to a glamorous golden and honey blonde hue for the part of a famine fatal in the movie “The Mask”. What more can be said about changing your hair color? 

TO GET THE LOOK: Are you searching for a totally new hair color?  If that's the case, take a hair styling class from Cameron Diaz.  Her long sexy face framing style and glam honey blond hair color is an excellent starting point. Be forewarned, this sun kissed color and sassy style is a dude magnet. To get the look, let’s take it one step at a time; staring with a style cut and shaping. 


Cameron’s style starts with a long layered contoured silhouette for volume and side swept peak-a-boo bangs for an alluring look. This sassy “time saving” do’ is idea for straight and wavy hair and suits most face shapes. With a few adjustments (trims as it grows) you can easily find the ideal length and shape for your hair, face shape and personal style.

LET’S STYLE IT:   For style support start with a dab of styling foam, gel mousse or nothing at all.  To get your style in motion and add volume, toss your hair upside down and give it a quick tousle with a blow dryer. If your locks look a bit dry or frizzy a dab of styling cream will tame it. For a dressy look, a quick twist around your styling iron or a fist full of hot rollers gets the look. After, tuck one side over your ear and add red glossy lip stick, eye liner and shadow, diamond stud earrings and you’ve got the look.


NOW, LET’S COLOR IT:  Star’s change their hair color often for the many rolls they play and is how Cameron became a blond. To get the look, her natural dark brown hair color is lightened several shades with cream bleach giving it an overall Honey blonde tone. After, Flaxen and Champagne blonde strands are sprinkled throughout with a professional foil weaving technique giving it a natural sun kissed look. To keep this up the new growth is lightened with cream bleach or a high-lift tint every 6 week and highlighted every three months. This bit of hair color magic will cost a few extra bucks but hey; just look what it did for Cameron Diaz. 

Cameron’s colorful style is the stuff that dreams are made of and loaded with sex appeal. Its shapely silhouette with center part or side swept "peak-a-boo" bangs give it the alluring look. For your time challenged life this sassy do’ almost styles itself. Just give it a quick tousle with a blow dryer and styling brush and your good to go. The dreamy two toned hair color looks so au natural it’s sure to get rave reviews. Heads will turn and girl friends will be green with envy when you show up with Cameron’s sassy do' and dreamy hair color.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

No Compromise Leadership


Neil Ducoff has gained international respect as the guru of team-based compensation and has coached more than 3,500 businesses, including Aveda, Gillette, Proctor & Gamble, Planet Wings, Canmeng International Taiwan, Profound Beauty Products, Kerastase Paris, Eveline Charles Canada and L’Oreal, on how to achieve the highest levels of success and profitability, while creating a positive, rewarding workplace. Besides this award-winning No-Compromise Leadership book, he’s also the author of Fast Forward, the salon and spa industry’s only business reference manual.

At first I thought who needs another book on business? Just a few pages in and I knew this book was worth the time to read. Neil has written a blueprint on exactly how not to accept good enough. No-Compromise Leadership is not a book about what you want to hear, but what you need to hear to be successful. This isn’t pie-in-the-sky, feel-good book. This is about having the business you want. No Compromise Leadership guides you step-by-step to a business that’s profitable with happy, productive employees and loyal customers.

Compromise is the path of least resistance. It’s easier to avoid a leadership responsibility than to do it. It’s easier to avoid addressing a difficult employee’s behavior issues than to resolve them. It’s easier to deliver mediocre rather than world-class customer service. Don’t blame the competition, the economy or your employees for holding your business back. The real culprit is compromise at the leadership level. No-Compromise Leadership is a wake-up call for salons both large and small, and an antidote to the mediocrity that afflicts so many.


No-Compromise Leadership is a two-phase process. First, learn what it takes to become a true no-compromise leader – and how to get there, based on where you are now with your own thinking and behavior. Second, learn to create a dynamic no-compromise salon culture, committed to driving the Four Business Outcomes – productivity, profitability, staff retention and customer loyalty. “Truly inspiring…the right questions with the right answers and, more importantly, fun to read. Neil Ducoff makes becoming a no-compromise leader easy. So much so, I have adopted the no-compromise concept into all I do. No-Compromise Leadership is a must-read for every salon owner.

Monday, May 23, 2011

American Board of Certified HairColorist's / Summit


American Board of Certified HairColorists
Presents the 11th annual

2011 ENERGIZING SUMMIT in Los Angeles

Scheduled for June 12 and 13, 2011 at the Marriott Hotel LAX, this is the nation's premier haircolor educational conference for Haircolorists. The 600+ haircolorists who are expected to attend the Summit will select from 147 separate classes conducted by 43 of America’s premier Board Certified Haircolorist and educators. Now in its 11th year, the Energizing Summit will provide attendees with the advantage of honing their skills and learning new techniques in small classes, allowing for easy interaction with the educators. Also, new and emerging hair colorists can attend classes dedicated to helping them prepare for the various segments of the American Board of Certified Haircolorists examination.


The American Board of Certified HairColorists

The certification of hair colorists has long been a vision of Andre Nizetich, master hair colorist and president of the American Board of Certified Haircolorist. The goal of the ABCH from it outset has been to establish a standard by which to judge competence and to acknowledge the level of excellence achieved in haircolor, thus creating creditability in the eyes of the consumer. New technology and techniques require we continue to upgrade our skills. Becoming a Board Certified Haircolorist sets qualified individuals apart from the masses and establishes a higher level of professionalism and credibility for the consumer.  As a Board Certified Haircolorists, you can be recognized as being among the most knowledgeable haircolorists in America. And as in all professions, the consumer will seek out those certified for their expert knowledge and service excellence. 


Summit Pricing and Discounts

The 20% discount starts on the opening day of registration, February 1st, and continues to the end of February. The price of the Energizing Summit is $300. If you are an ABCH member, you may attend the Summit for $250. This pricing makes the Energizing Summit very affordable. Even the Marriott Hotel at the LAX Airport is joining in on our 11th anniversary celebration by reducing the room rates to $112 per night. 

The American Board of Certified Haircolorists in available to answer your questions regarding the advancement of your skills as a haircolorist. For list of the classes and educators visit the web site at ( American Board of Certified Haircolorists PO Box 9090 San Pedro, CA 90734 / Phone: (310) 547-0814 / Email:  I plan on attending the summit and hope you can as well.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Cosmetic Innovations / Nano Technology

Cosmetic Innovation was all the rage in the 20th century and continues to be a driving force in the 21st. Today's technology is turning beauty salons in to spa's and our everyday salon products (shampoo's, conditioners, styling aids) into "Spa-Like-Treatments " and Nano-Technology is leading the way.

In Principle Nano-technology Can:
  • Maximize color retention 
  • Dramatically improves hair condition
  • Provides thermal and color protection
  • Dramatically rebuilds and repairs damaged hair
  • Repair, restore moisturize and strengthen
  • Speeds up drying time up to 75% faster
 Watch for ..."Nano On The Label".

Nanotechnology - Nanotechnology has been used in cosmetics since the early 1990s but it was only during the last decade that marketers caught on and started using it to improve personal care products. The technology is promising but questions about safety have led to a backlash that could short circuit widespread use.

Today Nanotechnology is currently used mostly in sunscreen however I think shampoo, hair color and conditioning treatments will all benefit from this budding technology in the near future. Nano
Beauty a trend to watch !

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Reese Witherspoon / Star Hair Style


Drawing inspiration from the hair style trends of our favorite stars and celebrities has become a national pass time. One such star whose hair style is emulated by young women around the globe is Hollywood sweet heart Reese Witherspoon. This Southern Bell knows how to walk the style line” in a stylish grown up way. Her million dollar smile, adorable dimples and “legally blonde” hair color is irresistible to men attracted to the feminine Southern Bell type and quiet the catch for those dudes that go for all things blond.

TO GET THE LOOK:  Are you up for a colorful ultra feminine color and style?  If that’s the case, take a hair styling lesson from Reese Witherspoon. Her blonde sometimes straight and wavy locks with side-swept bangs frame her heart shaped face perfectly. This Southern Bell hairdo’ is a “show stopper”. So be prepared to stop men dead in their tracks when you strut by with your “legally blonde” hair style. To get the look, let’s take it one step at a time; starting with a style cut and shaping. 


LET'S SHAPE IT:  To get the look, start with a shoulder length or longer silhouette with full or side swept brow bangs and face framing layer’s starting just below the chin. This versatile style gives you both a dressy or casual look and complements most face shapes, especially those with angular features like Reese’s. With a few adjustments (trims & tweaks) as it grows you can find the ideal length for your face shape, features and style.


LET'S STYLE IT:  For style support, start with a puff of your favorite styling mousse or spray gel or nothing at all.  Comb either through damp hair, tip your head forward and give it a quick tousle with your blow dry for shape and volume. After, if your locks look a bit dry or frizzy, a dab of styling cream will tame it. For a dressy look, a quick turn around a large barrel styling iron or a handful of jumbo rollers and a light brushing or finger comb and your good to go. To turn up the glam, add earrings, glossy lip stick, eye liner and shadow, a square tip French manicure and you’ve got Reese Witherspoon’s star style. 


NOW, LETS COLOR IT: Actress’s change their hair color often for the many roles they play and Reese’s is no exception. Her colorful locks are given a warm pale golden blonde hue with a high lift tint to define the shape. For a bit more pizzazz, Flaxen blonde highlights and contrasting Nutmeg low lights are sprinkled around the face with a foil weaving technique. After a clear glaze seals-in the color and turns up the shine. To keep the blonde hue fresh and vibrant a "color enhancing blonde shampoo" is used weekly. This colorful work of art will cost a few extra Paso’s but it’s a small price to pay for all the attention you’ll get. And after all, aren’t you worth it? 

Reese Witherspoon’s colorful style is a work of art and a thing of beauty to behold. This versatile ultra-feminine do’ is perfect for your “time challenged” life style. All it takes is a quick tousle with your blow dry, a few turns around your styling iron for a causal look or a handful of jumbo rollers and you’re ready for any occasion. The warm golden blonde hue and face framing highlights let’s everyone know this stunning blonde is not one of those “home color job”.  So be prepared for your girl friends to scream OMG your so glam and that special someone’s heart to skip a beat when you show up with this “legally blonde Southern Bell style. For Reese Witherspoon's star style visit a salon stylist and make your hair shine like the stars.