Monday, August 31, 2009

Have a favorite Salon Experience? Favorite HairCut or Color?

We all have had our "favorite" experience in the salon whether it be a HairCut, Color, or Style. Please share your most positive memorable salon experience.

TheSalonGuy wants to know!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fringe Benefits / Bangs / Star Styles & Face Shapes

Actresses change their hair style often for the many rolls they play. For a simple yet dramatic change many stars wear bangs to give their hair style a New Coif. The fringe benefits are many and only takes a few snips for a totally new look.

If you’re up for a change but “not up to cutting those long locks” try “clip on bangs”. Like hair extensions it’s a quick way to get the look without the cut. Before you snip away look at how these Diva's wear bangs for their Face Shapes.

Audrey Hepburn trade mark "Pixie" bangs are made for small face shapes and features. To length the forehead the fringe is clipped in a u-shaped pattern with the “center longer then the corners”. A jagged edge brushed to the side adds a dramatic effect and accents the eyes. To keep the fringe in place yet “piecey and separated” add a pinch of Pomade to the tips and you’re ready for your close up !

Leighton Messter’s hair style gets a new style with Blunt brow brushing bangs. The slim symmetrical face looks bold and sexy with a straight blunt edge. To style; blow out with a paddle brush or straighten with a flat styling iron to remove unruly waves and you’re good to go.

Reese Witherspoon hair style gets a new style with Wispy brow brushing bangs. Unstructured bangs help soften and complement heart face shapes and its well-defined chin. Avoid straight blunt bangs as this will create weight and clashing angles. To keep the fringe in place yet “piecey and separated” add a pinch of Pomade to the tips and you’ve got the look.

Jennifer Garner hair style gets a new style with Parted brow brushing bangs. The distinct curve with off-centered part softens angular features for a feminine look. Use a low side part, blow dry with a paddle brush. Lock in place with a firm hold finishing mist and jet away in style.

Paris Hilton hair style gets a new style with Side Swept brow brushing bangs. The off-centered part with distinct curve softens a sharp angular features for a feminine look. Lock strands in place with a finishing spray and you rock girl

Jennifer Hudson hair style gets a new style with Side Swooped brow brushing bangs. A low dramatic swoop bang slims the sides and accents the cheekbones. Blow dry with a straightening balm and finish with a dab of styling cream to tame frizz and your good to go!

Disclaimer: The star images here are solely for entertainment.
Should any star or their representative wish them removed, simply let us known.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Stop Salon Product Diversion

It’s easier then you might think. Consider designing your own exclusive salon product line. Create it with your own formulas and packaging design like I've done 30 years ago when I saw this train coming down the track. It’s a bit more costly but well worth the time and expense. Most of the large salon brands you retail now started this way.

Another way is to order Private Label products with your salon name. Many private label salon products are every bit as effective as large well known salon brands and some are even better. Many specialty styling products (pomades, wax, shine drops and the like) are more affordable through a private label company and can be sold at a lower or higher price point with your salon name. Private label companies will use your salon logo or help you design one. There are many high quality private label company that can walk you through the process. For example, Aware and Liquid Tec are two well know companies here in California. And best of all, no one will ever see your "exclusive salon brand" in any retail outlet or salon around the corner from you ever... at any price!

Another option is to retail high quality salon products from small salon only boutique brands. I've been selling my Hair Research Salon Products direct to salon across America for 30 years with an exclusive distribution program. No two salons within 50 miles can carry them. Now that’s protection you won't get from many well know established salon brands.

Many popular salon only brands are doing their best to stop diversion. One salon only brand that has been spend time and a great deal of expense to stop diversion for many years is Paul Mitchell . For the last two and a half years PM as lowered it's diversion by 50%. And they did it the hard way. Every PM employee in the field, and there are a lot, is required to purchase (each month) $500.00 worth of products they find in any retail outlet. All PM products are coded (something they have done for years) making it easy to find the “distributor who received them originally”. Those Distributors are then required to pay $150.00 for each bottle found with their code. This has made the PM salon only products unavailable in many of the leading retailers as they will not stock products that aren't available on a regular basis. Unfortunately far too many popular salon only brands simply turn a blind eye.

Your comments welcomed

How about a "Tax Deductible" Haircut?

With the high cost of grooming today the vast majority of American's can not afford to visit a salon. I have a solution, a "tax deductible hair cut ". It would jump-start the economy, stimulate the beauty industry and improve America's face value.

A simple $100 per year credit (deduction) for grooming would go along way to cover the cost for this "healthy service" our professional (salon & spa's) provide. As the saying goes, when you look good, you feel good and that's the true essence of what we provide. It’s much more then a hair do' or an accessory to fashion.

Think of what this would do to turn the recession around, stimulate the beauty industry and help everyone afford to look their best. Because of the high cost of having your hair cut, shape, colored and styled only a small faction of the 300 million + American's can afford to visit a salon. As a result the vast majority of American's have never experienced what a salon visit can do to lift their spirit, build confidence and appearance both physically and emotionally,

Oh by the way, let’s not leave out "education". Our aging beauty industry desperately needs young men and women in all areas of personal care. It's an ideal career for those with an artist’s eye and caring personality. How about a grant for those students entering the field and those that operate the schools? The cost to enroll in a beauty college today is out of reach to the vast majority. And the expense to operating a beauty college is enormous.

Many of you reading this thought provoking subject may get a "few giggles" out of it, but people in the public eye and entertainment industry have been deducting personal care for years, legally. And many corporations and businesses require their employee's to look well groomed at their own expense and hair is a big part of that.

We tax payer's have been clipped for years, isn’t time for a trim in the form of a "tax deductible hair cut"? Your comments welcomed

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Hair Style Picture Is A 1000 Words

When Jean Harlow stepped onto the screen with her bleach blonde hair women rushed to salons asking for Harlow's color and style. Today Angelina Jolie's romantic hair styles and plumped up lips and tattoo's are all the rage. Velantino's slicked back hair style had men wearing pomade and today, Johnny Depp's pencil thin mustache and goatee has men sporting his "style pirate look". Drawing inspiration form the hair styles and fashion of the stars continues to drive people to the salon. Some things never change.

I'm sure you've had many people over the years take a seat in your styling chair and pull out a picture of a star or celebrities hair style. I personally love it. A hair style picture is the perfect style consultation starting point. It gives me a visual idea of what type of style someone is interested in and says allot about their personality and fashion sense. A picture is especially helpful when looking for a hair color they would like to achieve. As it has been said; A PICTURE IS A 1000 WORDS.

Movie Star's change their hair styles often for the many rolls they play. Each Star Hair Style I've posted here will show their most recent hair styles and is written in a light heart style with styling tips, recommendations and a few giggles long the way.

The Star Hair Styles beauty column's I've posted here on "thesalonguy" are meant to inspire and encourage the general public to visit a salon stylist's and make their hair shine like the stars and celebrities they most admire and would like to emulate. And also keep hair stylist's current with the star styles that the public are most interested in. Please let me know what Star Hair Styles you'd like to see. . Live Your Dreams !

Disclaimer: The star images featured here are solely for entertainment.
Should any star or their representative wish them to be removed, simply let use know.

Star Hair Styles / Johnny Depp / How To Get The Look

Drawing inspiration from the hair style trends of our favorite stars and celebrities has become a national pastime. One such star whose hair style is a must-have look is Hollywood heartthrob Johnny Depp. Never one to follow the crowd, Johnny has always created his own unique look. You might say Johnny is a modern day “style pirate.”

To Get the Look:
Do you sometimes feel like you’re the “invisible dude” at a party?
Do you wish there was a way to get those hot ties to check you out? If that’s the case, take a styling lesson from Johnny Depp. But be careful what you wish for; this head turning coif is a major “babe magnet”. So be prepared to take names and cell phone numbers when you show up at the party. To get the look, let’s take it one step at a time, starting with style cut and shaping.

Let’s Shape It:
To get the look;
start with a layered shiloette with long face framing "love locks" for a seductive look and neckline stylishly over the collar. This artsy coif is best suited for straight or slightly wavy hair and slender face shapes like Johnny’s. With a few adjustments (tweaks) as it grows, you can easily find the ideal length and shape for your style.

Let’s Style It:
To jump-start your style;
just run a dab of shaping gel or mousse through damp hair and comb in place to dry au natural or give it a quick tousle with a blow dryer for a volume. To turn on the "babe magnet" effect, when dry, add a dab of foaming pomade through the top and comb one side over the ear and you’ve got the look.

Let’s Add Whiskers:
Nothing can reshape a face
or add a dramatic look like facial hair. This simple addition can make large ears appear smaller, a narrow chin wider, cover a ruddy complexion and definitely adds a touch of style or artsy look. Include close mid-length sideburns with a slim mustache and thin goatee for Johnny’s "artsy style pirate” look.

Now, Let’s Color It:
Movie actors change their hair color often for the many roles they play, so dying their hair is no big deal. If your natural hair color is light or dark brown and beginning to gray around the edges, trade it in for Johnny Depp’s deep “raven black” hue. After, add a clear glaze to seal in the color and turn on the shine. This “extra step” will cost a few bucks but what the hell, it’s a small price to pay for all the attention you’ll get!

Johnny Depp's Head Turning Style with a tapered neckline stylishly over the collar and sexy face-framing "love locks" is loaded with sex appeal. The mustache, goatee and blue-black hair color gives you that artsy look and is just what you need to stop those babe's dead in their tracks. So be prepared to take names and cell phone numbers when you show up to the party with your Johnny Depp "style pirate look".

What Star Hair Style would you like to see featured here?

Disclaimer: The star images featured here are solely for entertainment.
Should any star or their representative wish them removed, simply let us know.

Star Hair Styles / Agyness Deyn / How To Get The Look

Drawing inspiration from the hair style trends of our favorite stars and celebrities has become a national pass time among teenage girls. One such celebrity whose hair style has become the latest rage is high fashion model Agyness Deyn. With her chameleon-like look and ever changing platinum coif and punk-coquette vibe, this fresh-faced beauty has made her mark as a modern-day muse in the world of hate’ couture.

Are you the fashion forward type looking for an edgy style?
If that's the case, take a styling lesson from Agyness Deyn. Her platinum "pillow case blonde hair color and spunky coif" is a perfect place to start. This head turning do’ with all the right accessories let’s everyone know you're the fashion forward type. To get the look, let’s take it one step at a time; starting with a style cut and shaping.

To get the look,
start with a bobbed silhouette just below the ears and "peek-a-boo bangs" for a flirty look. This fashion forward coif is best suited for "slender face shapes with angular features" and those with a creative spirit like Agyness. With a few adjustments (trims) as it grows out you can easily find the ideal length and shape for your look.

To jump-start the style
give your locks an extra boost with a dab of shaping gel or styling foam. Just run either through damp hair and comb in place to dry au natural or give it a tumble with a blow-dryer for messy textured effect. If your locks look a bit dry or frizz after, a dab of styling cream will tame it. And you’re good to go!

What’s a fashionista’ hair style without makeup and accessories? Agyness knows first-hand from daily sessions in makeup chairs that for "maximum impact" a simple sweep of gray across the lids and lightly blended outwards with plenty of black mascara is all it takes. Pair with nude lips and a subtle, sun-kissed tan and you've got the look. Top it off with a retro Fedora, bright colored skinny jeans, with wrap around scarf and studded Converse high-tops all made up from random inexpensive bits thrown together. Aygness might say; a bit quirky but “Properly Mad”.

For this edgy color,
Agyness’s hair color is lightened with powder or cream bleach followed with a Platinum blonde toner. After, a clear glaze seals-in the color and turns up the shine. The new growth is lightened and toned every four to six weeks. This high fashion hair color will cost a few extra bucks but trust me, it’s a small price to pay for a stunning color and all the attention you'll get. And after all, aren’t you worth it!

Agyness Deyn's Edgy Hate’ Coiffure has everything to put you "over the top and into the spot light" were you belong. The short tousled silhouette and sexy peek-a-boo bangs give you a seductive flirty look that's totally irresistible to dude's that go for the fashion forward type. The stunning "pillow case platinum blonde" color pushes the style bar to the max. So be prepared for heads to turn when you show up looking "ooh-so stylish" and your girl friend's will scream OMG; you rock girl.

What Star Hair Style would you like to se featured here ?

Disclaimer: The star images featured here are solely for entertainment.
Should any star or their representative wish them to be removed, simply let us know.

Looking For The Perfect Hair Style / Ask George

Have you never been totally satisfied with the way your hair looks? Do you think or feel your hair is hopelessly just too; thin, thick, wavy, curly straight, frizzy and no hair style you’ve ever seen or tried seem be right for you? Well you’re not alone. Over 75% of those asked if they felt comfortable with the way their hair looks even after they left the beauty salon said _NO.

Not to worry, I’ll show you how to "unlock you’re unique natural hair style" for a style that suits you perfectly from all points of view and almost styles itself. Sounds like a “dream or mission impossible” right? Trust me it’s much easier then you ever imagined.

There are many elements to consider when selecting a hair style; hair type and texture, face shape and facial features, head and body size, hair and eye color, styling dexterity, your personality and life style to name just a few. Your style consultation will be more then a “Make-Over”. For some this will be an eye opening "Start-Over" and put you on the right track and end your search for the "Perfect Hair Style" .

Let’s get started. Click here and fill out your Personal Style Consultation Form. I'll look it over with a fine tooth comb and send you back a few style suggestions and styling recommendations for you to consider.

PS:: If you live in or around Hollywood, California give us a call (818-980-3210) or see the Studio Style Salon Special Introductory Offer online.

Salon Home Hair Care Experience

Allot is written about the features, benefits and magical or rare ingredients used in many Shampoos and Conditioners today. But very little is said about how to use them for maximum benefits. Most simply says; apply shampoo to wet hair, leather, rinse__apply conditioner, wait a few minutes and rinse. Here’s how to turn your home shampoo and conditioning treatment into a “Salon Hair Care Experience”.

Empirical research has shown that daily use of pressure point “scalp massage” is a most effective way to stimulate circulation, relax tense scalp muscles and assure healthy hair growth. To begin with, slide your fingers through the hair starting at the temples where the blood enters the scalp. Press, Rotate and Slide fingers up to loosen the scalp and encourage circulation using this main pressure point when shampooing and conditioning the hair.

To prepare the hair and scalp for shampoo, brush the hair from back to front. Brushing before shampooing lift dandruff and excess oil from the scalp, removes tangles and stimulates scalp circulation.

For a more thorough cleansing of the hair and scalp, apply shampoo to “WET HAIR” starting at the back of head where hair is thickest. To assure a more even coverage bring the shampoo up under the hair all around the hairline using pressure point massage. One application is recommended for daily use and a second shampooing if hair has not been shampooed for more then three days. To control oily scalps and remove styling aid buildup, apply shampoo to “DRY HAIR” from back to front and wet to active a deep cleansing action. Rinse and apply a second shampoo. This dry application procedure will turn any shampoo into a mild clarifying shampoo treatment.

Apply the condition in the same way as a shampoo (from back to front and all around the hairline) using pressure point massage to spread it evenly through the hair. After “wrap a hot steam towel over the conditioner” to deep cleanse scalp pore openings and encourage conditioning penetration. This relaxing and stimulating two-minute steam towel treatment is a most effective way to remove styling aid build up, dandruff and control oily scalp conditions.

To help remove excess shampoo and conditioner, close scalp pore openings and firm the hair fiber to reduce limpness, rinse thoroughly with cool water for 30 seconds. Hair will dry faster, and stay cleaner with additional sheen and body for styling.

Make Your Shampoo & Conditioning Procedure a....
“Salon Home Hair Care Experience".

Pricing Your Hair Styling / Work Smarter Not Harder

The only way this high art form which I call "Personal Enhancement" will be one that young people can enter and make a better living (income) then flipping burger's is when our profession becomes one that prices its service like any Licensed Professional that has spent a great deal of time in Beauty College and practiced their craft.

In my option $25 should be a entry level for both men and women's styling in every salon in the country. And stylist's should increase their basic haircut and color price by at least $2 for every year there in the business.

In five years you should be charging $35 and in 10 years $45 and in 15 years $55 and in 20 years you will be a “master stylist” and change accordingly $65.

From this point on you should charge more for “first time client visits” and maintain your regular price point or charge more if you wish at any time if you feel the market will bear it. In this way you will never have to think about raising your prices or wish you had done so sooner.

If you have not increased your styling service for five years don’t wait any longer. Raise it by $2 for every year you’ve missed. And let everyone know that this is a “cost of doing business”.

PS: You can raise your styling price at any time but never charge less the $25. And give everyone a “Hair Styling Experience" not a slam dunk ! This is how I've practiced and addressed the subject of PRICING the art for 40 years.

Work smarter... Not Harder! Comments welcomed

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hair Tips Anyone?

Anyone have any useful styling tips to share? Whether you are a Stylist or Client, please feel free to share some of your styling tips. Men and women.
Here are a few of TheSalonGuy's tips:

1) If you like to wash your hair the night before and go to bed with your hair wet, but wake up with your hair a mess, I suggest putting some product in it before you go to bed so it is a bit more controlled when you wake up!
2) Looking for that supermodel beach curl or wave? Simply dry your hair as smooth as you can to get out the frizz, section your hair from ear to ear and then from the middle/front of your hairline down to the back of your neck. Spray a thermal protecting spray or a light hair spray to protect your hair from the heat, then take a few 1 inch sections starting at the front and wrap the hair around an OPEN curling iron, DON'T close it, hold it foe about 10 seconds, then UNWRAP the hair from the iron. You will have a nice loose curl. (Be sure to hold the end of the hair at all times while wrapping around the iron and watch your fingertips. You won't be able to wrap the ends around the iron so be careful)
3) Hey guys, looking for that dry, textured look? Use a paste over a gel. Paste provided a dry matt finish and gel provides a wet, firm look.

Please share more tips. TheSalonGuy wants to know!

Friday, August 21, 2009

How much do you pay OR charge for your Hair Services?

This topic is for Clients AND Stylists.

How much are you guys paying OR charging for your Cuts, Color, HiLights, etc.?

This will give us an overall understanding of the range of prices.

TheSalonGuy wants to know!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Can you still afford to get your Hair done in the Salon?

Here is a huge topic that everyone seems to be talking about. Can you still afford to get your hair done in the Salon? Stylists, are you seeing a huge loss of clients due to the economy? Clients, what can we do to keep you guys coming to us if you are tight on money?
TheSalonGuy wants to know...

Salon Products

Our next topic is about Professional Salon Products. Please share your thoughts on this great topic.
  • Do you prefer to purchase Products in a Salon or Store?
  • Are Hair Care Products important to you as a Client?
  • Do you know about Product Diversion?
  • What are some of your favorite Products?

Please share your thoughts and comments about Salon Products.



"He knows Salons"

A Question for Clients!

Hello to all you wonderful Clients out there that are the ones that make us wake up every day looking forward to coming into the salon! Thank you for supporting our Industry AND for allowing us to keep you all looking soooo good.
My first question is:

What attracts you to a Salon?

  • The Salon's Appearance?
  • Word of Mouth?
  • Location?
  • Pricing?
  • Services Offered?

Please Clients, share your honest answers so that TheSalonGuy can help out all the Salons out there that can improve their services for you.



Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Welcome To

Hello and thank you for visiting this great new resource about the Salon Industry brought to you by none other that TheSalonGuy. TheSalonGuy has created this website to discuss all topics, share his advice, stories, opinions, and more about things related to the Salon Industry. He will be posting topics, questions, articles on a regular basis and would LOVE to hear feedback from Clients and Professionals in the Salon Industry.

Thank you all for your support and let's make this another great resource for the Salon Industry!